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Enjoy the Beauty of Natural Stone at a Fraction of the Price: Upgrade Your Home with Stone Veneers

Enjoy the Beauty of Natural Stone at a Fraction of the Price: Upgrade Your Home with Stone Veneers

Who doesn’t love the beauty of natural stone? Did you know you can often achieve the look and feel of natural stone more easily and cost-effectively with manufactured stone veneer?

Manufactured stone veneer is as beautiful as the natural stone it mimics. Also, known as faux stone or natural stone veneer, manufactured stone veneer is a manmade material that replicates the beauty and elegance of natural stone.

It’s suitable for a wide range of applications ranging from accent walls, kitchen backsplashes, stone showers, and exterior facades. With a wide range of colours and textures, it’s difficult to spot the difference between natural stone and stone veneers.


What is it made of?

Manufactured stone veneer is made using lightweight natural stone aggregates and Portland cement. Colours are infused into the material using iron oxide pigments.


The History and Evolution of Manufactured Stone Veneer

Though it may seem like a modern invention, the manufactured stone veneer has a surprisingly long history. The first stone veneers were manufactured in the late 19th century and made of natural stone bits.

The early makers sliced natural stone into thick-cut slabs. However, cement did not become part of the composition of stone veneers until the 1950s. Cement gives the stone veneers its stability.

That’s the history of the stone veneer. Now coming to the present day, modern stone veneers have evolved a long way. The quality of today’s stone veneers is excellent. Thanks to innovative construction technologies like concrete colouring, mould making, today it’s possible to replicate the look of any natural stone using stone veneers.

Stone veneers have plenty of advantages over the regular stone. The weight of the final product is a fraction of real stone. It’s quicker to install and easier to maintain. Check out our guide on how to install stone veneer by clicking here.

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