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Slim Stone Veneer suppliers in India

Slim Stone Veneer suppliers in India

Veneer Slate is leading slim stone veneer suppliers in India supply all kind of natural slim stone veneer from India. Natural slim stone veneer sheets are made of natural slate. The slate surface is split and separated into very thin layers of stone from 1mm to 2 mm thick. It is then combined with fibre glass and polyester resins to create a flexible panel. The total thickness of thin slim stone veneer panel is 2mm. Irregular surface of slate and variety of colour make every sheet unique.

Thin slim stone veneer is so light and flexible making it possible to use stone in places where use of typical stone cladding would not be possible or viable. The applications for thin slim stone veneer are endless. It can be used on curved walls and partitions, columns, ceilings wet rooms, bathrooms and also on doors or furniture.

We can supply several different colours and also the translucent panels which can be backlit for stunning effect.

The panels are very easy to work with, no specialist labour or tools are required


It is applied to wall using adhesive and can be cut using an tin snips.


Affordable Natural Stone Veneer Prices in India

Discover the affordability and elegance of our natural stone veneers. At Veneer Slate, we pride ourselves on offering competitive natural stone veneer prices in India. Our range of natural stone veneers brings the timeless beauty of stone to your projects at prices that align with your budget. Explore our diverse selection and find the perfect natural stone veneer to elevate your architectural designs.

Flexible Thin Slate Stone Veneer Suppliers in Bangalore

As leading flexible thin slate stone veneer suppliers in Bangalore, Veneer Slate is at the forefront of innovative veneer solutions. Our flexible thin slate stone veneers are designed for versatility and ease of use, making them ideal for a variety of applications. Whether you’re looking to enhance interiors or exteriors, our thin slate stone veneers offer the perfect blend of flexibility, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Versatile Applications and Ease of Installation: Our Colorful and Translucent Panel Range

Our collection is not just diverse in hues but also in applications. We offer a spectrum of colors and unique translucent panels that can be elegantly backlit for a dramatic effect. These versatile panels are ideal for a range of applications, from creating feature walls in living rooms to adding a sophisticated touch to corporate spaces. Their ability to be backlit also makes them perfect for setting an ambiance in restaurants, hotels, or retail spaces.

The ease of installation is a key feature of our panels. They are incredibly user-friendly, requiring no specialized labor or tools. This simplicity extends to their application process – they can be smoothly adhered to walls using standard adhesives and trimmed to fit any space using basic tin snips. This combination of aesthetic appeal and practicality makes our panels a preferred choice for both residential and commercial projects.

To explore our range of flexible stone veneers, visit our website or contact us.


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